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Shredded by Kimberly Rae




by Kimberly Rae


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 ShreddedfeetShredded is a contemporary take on the scandalous woman’s visit to Jesus, where she wipes His feet with her hair, sparking judgment from the religious, but forgiveness from Christ. One day in church, I envisioned a modern scene where a “sinner” comes to Jesus in a rather scandalous way, and wondered how the people within that setting would react. Which ones would act like the angry, disgusted religious leader, which ones would act like Jesus, and could there perhaps be a hidden person within the story who, like the scandalous woman, would find freedom in Jesus’ declaration, “Go in peace”? In Shredded, the focus is on that hidden person, Jean, who watches a woman with a sinful past transform, and in the end, is transformed herself.

Any reader can find someone in Shredded with whom they can relate, grow along with, and cheer for as the book and its characters move toward the climax.
/Fiction-Christian Suspense /Fiction-Christian Romance /Fiction-Facing Fears/Fiction-Overcoming Child Abuse /Fiction-Freedom from the Past /Fiction-Fighting Human Trafficking


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What Readers Are Saying About Shredded:

…this book really blew me away!..All the emotion, the drama, the romance and tenderness, the action, adventure. I couldn’t wait to see what happened but I didn’t want it to end either. I really can’t say enough good things about it and how much I enjoyed it. WOW!… I was nervous with anticipation and crying and so caught up in it all. I had to put the book down to give myself an emotional break. :) … I rarely cry over books, but I think that other than Karen Kingsbury, [Rae is] the only other author that has made me cry while reading a book. -Sue

Shredded was compelling, convicting, and compassionate at once…a deeply disturbing reality packaged with grace, humor, and a sweet love story. I couldn’t put it down. -Joy

I think this is [Rae’s] best book yet. It is so relative to today’s church and how we treat people. It is a wonderful mix of relationships, interwoven with suspense and love. It is a must read for anyone who thinks their past defines them and gives them no hope, whether they are a victim of human trafficking, child abuse, or just bad decision making, because Jesus can wipe the slate clean. -Wanda

Warning!! You won’t want to put it down once you get started!! ….there’s no stopping. Awesome, awesome book!!!!  -Sue