I have waited two years to see this book in print and it’s almost time! Shredded is a very special book to me, with possibly my most important message to give. The story includes suspense and romance, and of course, making a difference. (See the description below.)

But before the book gets into your hands, it needs a cover! I asked for feedback on cover options and got a huge response, but the votes for each of the covers above were really close, with people feeling strongly about whichever one they picked. Since I’m having trouble making up my mind as well, I decided to do something totally new and have a contest. Here’s how it will work:

For one week, Shredded will be available to order on my website only with the cover on the left. The next week, Shredded will be available on my website with the cover on the right. You can order your copies and make sure you get the cover you want most, spread the word, and after the two week contest, whichever cover got the most orders will be the cover we use for the book’s official release and future production.

Stay tuned for details so you can get the cover you want! I’ll be posting about the contest through my newsletter (you can sign up on the sidebar to your right to be sure you get the emails) and on Facebook and Twitter. I’m excited to see which one you pick!



Shredded was inspired

by the story of a woman

 in the Gospel of Luke

chapter seven

who cried on Jesus’ feet

and wiped them with her hair.


If such a story were to happen

 in a modern context,

who would respond like

the judgmental religious leader,

who would respond like Jesus,

and what would happen

to the woman

who was forgiven much?

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