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“Kimberly Rae is by far my favorite author. She keeps me on the edge of my seat, taps into my emotions, and makes me think more honestly and deeply about my faith.” – Alice


“…my new favorite author!!!” -Becky

Coming Summer 2017!

Coming Summer 2017!




















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Now Available! Help Children Recognize and Prevent Sexual Abuse

Safe front cover

Introducing I AM SAFE, the coloring book presenting ways to recognize and avoid childhood sexual abuse in a comforting and positive setting for kids, along with the parent/teacher/advocate companion, with statistics, questions, ideas and teaching tips for adults to use as they color along with the child or children they love.

I wish someone would have taken the time to share the information in I Am Safe with me when I was young.  As a sexual abuse survivor, please order this book and share this information with all the children you know so we can do everything possible to protect our precious children.
– Judy Edinger
Education Training Consultant
REST Ministries

I thought this book was very well done. It was written in an appropriate, comfortable and knowledgeable  way.  I would definitely recommend to friends and colleagues.
-Hannah Rinehart, MA, LPC, Counselor

I liked that it was a coloring book. It made it more fun to listen to my mom tell me about this stuff.
-Delilah, child, age 5

I would absolutely recommend this as a helpful tool for parents, school counselors and child advocates. This book provides just the right amount of information, with just the right wording to help guide children and adults into further discussion. The wording was great. I felt it was very reassuring.
-Jennifer, parent

Kimberly Rae’s “I am Safe” coloring book reaches out to children through through an age-appropriate activity in which children are taught and reassured of appropriate boundaries. It also offers a less threatening manner of reaching out when abuse if a child has been inappropriately touched or abuse is suspected. I’ve known Kimberly Rae for several years and she is passionate about educating, protecting and eliminating trafficking and abuse. I highly recommend these coloring books for any institution that serves a children’s advocate.
Amy L. Bovaird
Author of Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith

From Kimberly Rae, the author of the best-selling series, Stolen Woman, which deals with the evils of human trafficking, it seems surprising to see coloring books listed among recently published books.  The two books, entitled I Am Safe, were prepared to help younger children become aware of dangers a child may face and how to stay away from potentially dangerous situations, such as fire or accepting rides with strangers or sexual abuse.The format of a coloring book makes it easy for the child to talk about and remember these situations.

The second book is for parents, teachers or counselors and gives information that helps the adult know how to discuss each matter with the child.  There is even information about the body language that would communicate problems the child might be afraid to reveal.  This should help the adult identify serious problems that need to be addressed.

These books are an excellent way of helping children learn what to do if they experience possible problems that might remain hidden if they had never been aware of these situations.
Elinor Pennell
Retired teacher and tutor for troubled children

This is a great resource to help children understand how to stay safe in a very non-frightening way.
…it’s very positive and if a child who was a victim was reading it, I think it would be very reassuring.
Melissa, parent

Recently my daughter turned three-years-old and started attending preschool at a local church in our town. This is when I knew it was time for me to start talking to her about her body and touch that is appropriate and inappropriate. But this topic is not an easy one to have with a little girl without giving her too much information and scaring her. I was so happy to find Kimberly Rae’s coloring book I Am Safe to help me talk to my daughter in a natural way. What I like most about this resource is that it covers all types of safety. The first few lesson are about seat belt safety and bike safety. From there it moves into more sensitive topics.

I also like that the parent/teacher/advocate guide walks me through, step-by-step, how I should address these topics with my daughter. There is a Things to Know, Things to Ask, Things to Say, and Practice section for each lesson. Kimberly has done extensive research on childhood sexual abuse and how it can even lead to human trafficking. I highly recommend this well-written, well-researched, and thought-out resource to use with your child. 

– Brenda Rogers
Triple Braided Life

I feel like I paid more attention to my mom talking about this stuff because I was coloring pictures that went with what she was saying.
-Tabitha, child, age 7

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