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sequel to the Publisher’s Weekly reviewed Shredded.

Revenge, Fears, and Lies…
Can Anyone Be Trusted?

Jean is finding freedom from her past and Grant has hopes for their future. Slash is in jail, and Candy moves forward with her new ministry despite it scandalizing half the church and forcing the rest to face their own prejudices and fears. When a former friend calls for help, Candy and Jean must decide to either trust her or turn her away. Is she truly seeking freedom, or is her request a cover for someone else’s darker purpose?

The choice they make will have consequences for every person they love, and every hope they have for the future.


Release date November 25 (Black Friday), 2016!

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What advance readers are saying about Shattered:

This book is amazing loving it not ever wanting it to end and so good for me….these books touch a place in my heart.  -Laura

Riveting! The action never stops—oh, you get to breathe every now and then, but the story has a consistently gripping pace! I read it straight through. An excellent portrayal of very dark, current social issues. Rae takes the reader into the world of violence, addiction and the sex trade. This story gives you a sense of the grip this lifestyle can have on an individual, the kind of commitment those who work with rescue from trafficking, and the danger involved.

Shattered is also a story of hope and redemption—it shows how Jesus is not only relevant, but offers the most workable, effective solution to the problem. People who live His teachings can impact these pernicious, obnoxious social issues.  Highly recommend this book to anyone concerned about the sex trafficking trade. -Carol

I stayed up way too late two nights, because I could not stop reading. – Betsy

It was so full of suspense, it was hard to put down….I can see that your books will let many girls, who have made bad choices or bad choices were made for them, see God still loves them and they can still love themselves. I guess all of us have made bad choices at some time in our lives…. Lessons for everyone are in your books. – Wanda


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