Feedback from Catawba Valley Community College Sociology students who read and discussed Stolen Woman prior to the speaker presentation:

I personally hate reading books assigned in class, but I really liked this book! It had a great story with excitement, suspense, and romance….I would definitely recommend reading this book in other classes!!

…having the opportunity to meet and hear the author of the book was amazing.

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I really enjoyed “Stolen Woman,” and I’m sure that whoever reads this book will enjoy it as well. It’s one of those books where you just want to keep reading….I also enjoyed discussing the book as a class.

I enjoyed reading the book and definitely think that other students should read it….It actually made me think about myself and if I would have the courage to help those stolen girls. The book is intriguing to read and it has action, romance, and serious parts.

…really made me think….I had no idea how big of a problem it really is and I really enjoyed the book and assignment.

…like how the questions at the end related back to us. I would recommend continuing this assignment in the future.


…great….It was the kind of book you didn’t want to put down. 

The book was good and the questions were non-stressors, but still required insight.

…the book is awesome and a great read.

I really liked the book and the story it told….I also enjoyed the fact that Kimberly Rae actually came and talked. It was an eye opener to plenty of people. I was glad I got to hear her speak and learn how we can help.

I LOVED being able to discuss what was going on in the book….I really liked how the questions were more personal opinion rather than quizzing you on what happened in the chapter.

…made me realize how grateful I am and made me want to help people in these situations. I think you should use the book and the assignments in future classes.

…a great learning experience for everyone.


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