10 Random Things About Me:

1. I’m the child of a Vietnam Vet, grandchild of two WWII Vets.
2. I got married when I was 27.
3. I used to like to walk in the rain before I got asthma.
4. My first pet bird got loose the day we got it, flew into a pokey part of a hanging-plant hanger, and died.
5. I’ve seen Mount Everest.
6. Sometimes I get this weird craving for Long John Silvers fish.
7. I love speaking to large groups and am intimidated by small ones.
8. My pet lovebirds tried to kill each other (ironic). I haven’t had a pet since, unless you count an ant farm or my Venus fly trap.
9. In high-school I would try to sit to the left of people because my teeth didn’t look as crooked from that side.
10. Though I’ve been to 20 countries, I’ve never seen the Statue of Liberty or the Grand Canyon.

africa dancing

Milo's family

fish heads

BD orphanage

Kids and the Clay Pot

cooking time


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