Simone Biles, the #MeToo Movement, and Sexual Abuse: Why Didn’t They Just Say Something?

Simone Biles is the latest in over 140 women to claim abuse by gymnastics doctor Larry Nasser. You might have seen responses from both directions–some saying it’s great this is coming out and things are finally changing, others saying women are exploiting the “fad” to gain attention, etc. Over the past few years, I’ve learned […]

Human Trafficking Awareness Day – Removes Adult Content but Whines “Victim”

Over 400 cases of child sex trafficking have been reported in 47 states, all with connection to the website Child sex trafficking increased over 800% in last 5 years, and vast majority of reports included When asked for ads by the law, content was “sanitized” by Backpage before being given to the police. […]

Broken, Confused, but Holding On

I recently came across a small notebook I’d written in nearly ten years ago, and inside found words of struggle and of hope. If you live with chronic illness or any kind of suffering, I’m putting this here today so you can know you’re not alone, but also to give each of us the chance […]

To the Smiling Woman who Weeps on the Inside

I met another victim today, but she wasn’t a stranger. No, she is a friend, someone I’ve known many years, a woman I had no idea was suffering in silence. When I started speaking, I would talk to groups of women, thinking I was equipping those who would reach out to the hurting, only to […]

Beauty for Ashes – How God Made Our Burning Van Beautiful

Life is full of surprises. Last weekend, our surprise was our van burning to a charred shell on the side of the road while we watched. It looked like loss. Like a tragedy. But it wasn’t. I just have to tell you what God has done. He already showed us such grace and goodness even […]

Lessons from a Burning Van

Last Saturday, we planned to take the kids on a special family day up in Blowing Rock. It turned into an unforgettable day, but not in any way I’d expected. Near the top of the mountain road, the transmission seal broke on the van and when it started smoking, my husband (Brian) pulled off the […]

Ted Bundy’s Chilling Words on Pornography Before His Execution (If You have Kids or Cable TV, PLEASE Read This)

Ted Bundy was executed in 1989 for the rape and murder of over 30 women and girls. Just hours before he died, he did an interview. What would a man about to die for his crimes have to say to the world? He chose to talk about pornography. Please take 1:40 to watch this video […]

Pornogaphy: Why Are So Many Christian Men Giving In?

(Note before you read: If you’re thinking it’s horrible that any man would struggle with this temptation, especially a Christian, please read this whole post. I believe pornography/sexual temptation is the single largest way the devil traps men in our culture, and we women need to help fight that battle rather than beating up our […]

Pornography and the Boys We Love – 10 Tips to Help Moms

Every second, 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography.   American children begin viewing pornography at an average age of 11.   More than 7 out of 10 teens hide their online behavior from their parents in some way. 35% of boys say they have viewed pornographic videos “too many times to count.” The average age […]

Is the Super Bowl Really the Largest Human Trafficking Event of the Year in the US?

Some claim the Super Bowl is the largest trafficking event of the year in America. Others say it’s hype. Who’s right? Here are some facts that may help: Enjoy the game!   To order those posters, or for other ways to get involved, see: How to Fight Human Trafficking in the US How to Fight Human […]

How to Prevent Trafficking Locally and In Our Own Homes

Trafficking isn’t just happening “over there” in third-world countries, and it isn’t just abductions of kids in bad settings. In fact, abductions only account for 11% of sex trafficking cases. A large majority, over 50% happened because the trafficker lured the victim with the promise of something they wanted or needed (a job, place to […]

Ways Christians Can Fight Human Trafficking Here in the US

“If to be feelingly alive to the sufferings of my fellow creatures is to be a fanatic, I am one of the most incurable fanatics ever permitted to be at large.” – William Wilberforce Human trafficking isn’t just something that happens “over there.” It has been reported in every state in America. Tragically, more of the funding […]

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