Ways Christians Can Fight Human Trafficking Internationally

“Fighting human trafficking is not idealistic or naive. It is audacious. And it is people of audacity who change the world.” – Rob Morris You care, and want to make a difference, but perhaps you just don’t know where to start. How do you turn your heart for the hurting into tangible help in the fight […]

When Comfort and Joy seem Far Away

As we hear of wars and rumors of wars, as we watch the news or read the blogs, as we go into yet another presidential election, as we wish for peace on earth but see anything but…we need comfort and joy. For the families of mass shooting victims, for friends who lost loved ones around this […]

Why My Kids Never Believed in Santa (+ 3 Reasons They’re Not Deprived Because of It)

If you’ve ever wondered (or wanted to express) about those people who “deprive” their kids of the fun of Santa Claus, I’d like to explain why my kids never believed in Santa, and why they aren’t deprived because of it. 1. Santa takes up space that belongs to Jesus. “He knows when you are sleeping. He […]

An Open Letter of Thanks to Tim Tebow for Not Giving In to Miss USA (from the Mom of a Young Fan)

  Dear Mr. Tebow, It’s got to be hard living in the world and not being of it. For some time now, you’ve been ridiculed for your faith, and particularly people have mocked or even accused you when you actually stick with your beliefs. I find it strange that anyone would think it a bad thing to […]

How to Not Dread Holiday Events When You’ve Got a Stupid Chronic Illness

If you’re healthy, Thanksgiving is usually a vacation, a break from the usual work, time to play, time to indulge in some extra special food, time to be with those you love and maybe watch some football. For those of us with chronic illness, a holiday can be anything but a vacation. We have to […]

3 Reasons Christians Failed with the Starbucks Red Cup

2015 may well be remembered as the year of the red cup. In case you somehow missed it, here was the general progression: 1. Guy makes a video that Starbucks refuses to put “Merry Christmas” on their holiday cups. He says Christians should go in and say their name is Merry Christmas so the barista […]

Paris: The Question That Matters Most (Not Religion or Border Patrol or How Can We Keep This From Happening Again?)

A young alumni from my college was shot in the head this week in a home invasion. She and her unborn baby died. A suicide bomber killed innocent victims in the Middle East today. Right now the borders of Paris are closed and 1,500 soldiers roam the streets looking for the terrorists who coordinated at […]

Why Christians Should Fight Human Trafficking More Than Anyone

The Bible offers plenty of reasons why God’s people should fight to end slavery, deliver the captives, and give comfort to the oppressed. I mentioned several verses in my last post, Why Doesn’t God Stop Human Trafficking? So we should care about fighting trafficking because God cares. But there’s one more reason we should care, and that’s […]

Why Doesn’t God Stop Human Trafficking?

I was sitting at my book table after speaking at an event when the woman broached the question: If God is good and loves people, why doesn’t He come down and stop this evil? Indeed, why doesn’t God stop human trafficking? Why doesn’t He rescue afflicted women, keep children from being exploited, stop pimps and […]

Teaching Our Daughters Worth and Value, a New Book by Amy Sulliven

I got to read a kids’ book recently that impressed me so much, I bought a copy for my daughter and asked the author about sharing about the book with you. This book is not only about one of my favorite missionary heroes, but gives the message of worth and value to young girls, which […]

When People Hurt You – Excerpt from Patricia Holbrook’s New Book, 12 Inches

How should we respond – and even more importantly, how should we feel – when a relationship is hurtful? Set People Free! I was resting in bed upstairs as I recovered from a major surgery. My children’s laughter reached the bedroom and woke me up. They were giggling of excitement as grandma once again came […]

Healing Women Hurting From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Dr. Sam Serio in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a counselor who specifically focuses on women who were victimized sexually in their past. His post to hurting women was so insightful, I asked if I could share it with you. He graciously agreed. Here are Dr. Sam’s words to women who still hurt, and those of us […]

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