To the Smiling Woman who Weeps on the Inside

I met another victim today, but she wasn’t a stranger. No, she is a friend, someone I’ve known many years, a woman I had no idea was suffering in silence. When I started speaking, I would talk to groups of women, thinking I was equipping those who would reach out to the hurting, only to […]

Ted Bundy’s Chilling Words on Pornography Before His Execution (If You have Kids or Cable TV, PLEASE Read This)

Ted Bundy was executed in 1989 for the rape and murder of over 30 women and girls. Just hours before he died, he did an interview. What would a man about to die for his crimes have to say to the world? He chose to talk about pornography. Please take 1:40 to watch this video […]

Pornogaphy: Why Are So Many Christian Men Giving In?

(Note before you read: If you’re thinking it’s horrible that any man would struggle with this temptation, especially a Christian, please read this whole post. I believe pornography/sexual temptation is the single largest way the devil traps men in our culture, and we women need to help fight that battle rather than beating up our […]

An Open Letter of Thanks to Tim Tebow for Not Giving In to Miss USA (from the Mom of a Young Fan)

  Dear Mr. Tebow, It’s got to be hard living in the world and not being of it. For some time now, you’ve been ridiculed for your faith, and particularly people have mocked or even accused you when you actually stick with your beliefs. I find it strange that anyone would think it a bad thing to […]

To the Man on the Other Side of the Screen

Dear Man on the Other Side of the Screen, I don’t know who you are, what you do, your marital status or if you are a parent. What I do know is that I am a human, a real person. I am someone’s daughter, a student and lady, but most of all, I KNOW I […]

Russell Brand calls Porn in Our Culture “Big Iceberg” – Video

I’ve mentioned how I feel sorry for boys growing up in our culture today, with porn options everywhere. Russel Brand is saying the same thing, and from the perspective of a kid who was addicted to it and a man who hasn’t been able to get free of it. I was so surprised at what […]

Disney Princesses and Exploitation – In Conclusion

Today is the conclusion of the Princess series in regard to whether some of the favorite Disney movies help or hurt the ongoing fight against human exploitation. Movie Title: Beauty and the Beast Does this movie inspire girls to be stronger or more vulnerable? Vulnerable The story in a nutshell: Girl’s father gets taken as a captive Girl […]

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