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Title: Captive No More
-True Stories of Rescued Trafficked Victims
and the Heroes who brought them to Freedom

Author name: Kimberly Rae

Genre: Adult Christian non-fiction/Human Trafficking

Pages: 128

ISBN-10: 1499156898

ISBN-13: 978-1499156898


Publishing Company: Narrow Way Books

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Amazon Reviews:

These vignettes of rescued captives tugged at my heart strings. Kimberly does an excellent service by collecting and presenting ways that we can all become a part of the solution and not sit back and wring our hands at the enormity of the issue of human slavery. One or one hundred, each is loved and cherished by Jesus Christ and as His body, heart and soul in this world, we must do the next thing that we are reasonably certain Jesus would have us do to rescue those caught in human slavery. I recommend this book without reservation.


I loved reading this book. Yes, it is filled with hard stories to read about trafficking, but it us full of HOPE & RESCUE!! I could not put it down!! I love to hear how God is using regular people to change lives! He can use you too!! Thank you Kimberly for writing this book & raising awareness about human trafficking & giving us real ways to help!


It’s always hard to read about modern day slavery. So much of the info available makes the problem seem so huge, I think a lot of people who would otherwise like to help are left discouraged and led to believe that there is nothing they can do.

This book changes that. It holds many stories of people who have been rescued from human trafficking, and of those who have helped to rescue them. There are also many real ways in which people can help out and potentially make a significant difference.

The people in this book got out, but so many more are in such awfully horrendous situations, and they so desperately need help. Awareness, advocacy, charitable donations, getting involved with various organizations, etc are all ways to help that people can learn about through this book, while also reading some truly wonderful stories of how such things can really make a difference.

The author has done a wonderful thing putting this book together. While it is still sad to read about what these people have been through, it is also so great to know that they have escaped and that there are concrete ways that we can all help others who are still trapped in slavery. If you are at all interested in learning more, I highly recommend this book. It’s a quick, hopeful, inspiring read.

T. Page


Book Description:

Where Are the Good Stories?

Overwhelmed by the statistics? Discouraged by the numbers? Captive No More was created for you.

Inspiring true stories of rescue and hope by:

*Rahab’s Rope

*Truckers Against Trafficking

*International Princess Project

*Women At Risk Int.

*Gospel for Asia

*Tiny Hands International

and more!

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