You did not choose to be a victim.
You CAN choose to be an overcomer!

You have great value and worth, and do not have to be defined or confined by the past one day longer.

Join Kimberly, JD, Judy, Lou Ann, and other overcomers in this special journal that takes a hard look at the past, but then moves toward the future with hope. Learn how to replace lies with truth, and painful memories with peace.

In this book you’ll find:

10 opposing truths: 
True stories from overcomers
Place to write your stories
Questions to search your heart
Facts, information, and resources to help
…and even a just-for-fun section, to make you smile!

Jesus said He came to set the captives free–He wants you free from your past, free from the memories, and the free from the pain. Kimberly’s goal through this book is to help victims become overcomers, and live the future and the hope that God wants for them!

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