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Once upon a time…

little kimi

I was born into a Navy family—a Vietnam War baby to be exact. I have an older and younger sister, and grew up moving fairly often and my sisters and my mom being my best friends. Them and books. I spent a lot of time daydreaming in my back yard, and started writing somewhere around age ten. I still have a collection of stories from that age: one-page, handwritten pieces about teddy bears rescuing kids from a house fire and other stories that seemed exciting at the time (guess I was already into the rescue thing back then!). Around that time, my parents got me a kiddy typewriter. I was thrilled! I’d type out my own versions of Nancy Drew stories on white, lined paper, then tape the pages together. I was a tomboy of sorts and loved playing football with the boys, until my mom made me stop because girls of a certain age weren’t supposed to do that sort of thing.
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High School:
We moved right before I hit junior high and I went from being very outgoing and involved to very shy and insecure (Doesn’t everybody in junior high? Well, except for my other classmates it seemed!). My old school was into the arts, which I enjoyed, but this new school was all about sports, which I was very not gifted at. In fact, I stunk at anything athletic. Not to mention I went from a school where we wore uniforms to a school where everybody wore the new acid washed jean skirts and had spiral perms. So I started reading books in between class to avoid having to talk with people (and to avoid saying something stupid and getting made fun of). The bad news was I wasn’t anywhere near cool. The good news was I got good grades and stayed out of trouble.
I wrote my first novel in high school, about a girl who moved to the country from the city. I loved it, but…
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This is getting too long, so I’ll try to be more concise. Loved college, but was so very tired. Couldn’t keep up. Switched my major to missions and education because I loved the Bible classes so much.

I moved to Bangladesh after college for the most adventurous 2 years of my life. I taught in a school and did writing projects for the group out there. That was also when I started sending out articles for publication, the unofficial beginning of my real writing adventure.

Calcutta rickshaw

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From there I moved to Africa for awhile…

africa dancing

Fell in love and got married…


Went to Kosovo for 3 months…

Surviving a Massacre

Indonesia for 3 years…

Indonesia Wedding

Came home because of health problems…

Ever Wonder if you have a Brain Tumor?

A Lesson to be Learned from Potentially Fatal Stuff


And became a stay-at-home mommy who writes! These days I spend my days balancing between being a wife, mom, writer, speaker—all with 5 chronic health problems that sort of run my life. I am incredibly blessed! When we had to come back to America for good because of my health (or lack of it), I thought I was shelved. I’ve been amazed over the past few years at what God has done. Though we’ve had to step back from almost every ministry because my body is unpredictable and I can’t be in anything that regularly depends on me being able to function, God is teaching me that my significance and worth is not in how much I do, but in who I am in Christ! And now He’s using me to teach that message to other women and girls. And through my writing, the one ministry I’ve been able to continue, God is touching more lives than I ever could, had I stayed where I thought I could do something that mattered.

So me, the girl who used to be brave and travel the world and eat cow brains, who now doesn’t even like roller coasters anymore, is typing away, reaching the world on subjects that matter and learning (and sharing!) that God has better dreams for us than we could have for ourselves! He is doing more with my “less” than I ever could when I thought I was more. Wow, He’s so good to me.

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