Chronic Health Problems

With nearly 1 out of every 2 Americans having some kind of chronic condition, it’s safe to say you either have a health problem, or you love someone who does. People with health conditions often feel lonely. They look around and see healthy people all around them, and they often hear people saying, “But you don’t look sick!”

I seem to be collecting health problems myself. I have Addison’s Disease, hypoglycemia, asthma, scoliosis and a cyst on my brain. For years (and years!), I went to doctor after doctor, getting my hopes up, only to be dashed when the blood tests came back “fine.” Now that I finally have a diagnosis, and have found out it’s not something I can take a pill and fix, I’m learning to live my life with an incurable, life-altering condition.

One of things that is helping me most is writing the Sick & Tired series.  Because of the series, I have had to think through what is the right way to live with a chronic condition, what is the right way to think about all of this, how I should feel about God and His purpose in my life turning out so differently than I’d expected. I’ve already had to take my own advice several times!

Check out the Sick & Tired series for some empathy, encouragement, and a little practical help. You are not alone!


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