Teaching Girls Their Worth


I love talking to women and girls about finding their worth in Christ! For women, we tend to want to prove our worth by our job or our looks or even our level of activity in ministry. For teens, the world is telling us our worth comes from our looks, particularly the shape of our bodies. Finding (or trying to find) our value in anything less than what God intended leaves us miserable, competitive and sometimes downright catty. And for teens, it leads to seeking worth in dangerous places. So many girls get trafficked or abused because they were looking for love and value aside from Christ, and that seeking heart made them prey to traffickers and abusers.

For Teens: Nancy Drew isn’t Real and the Traffickers aren’t that Stupid


A Message for Our Daughters: You Are Beautiful


You matter so much! God says you are worth dying for, and nothing you can do or not do will make Him love you more than He already does. If you have no idea about this kind of God, who He really is, get a Bible and read the book of John, and find Him!

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