Restored“…the perfect ending to the series.” – Lou Ann

Restored, the third and final novel in the suspense and romance Broken Series, is now available! Order your copies below, or get the entire series with $5 off!



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“Some things are too broken to fix.”

Grant is determined to regain the use of his legs, but all his efforts to build physical strength cannot heal the bitterness in his heart. Jean longs to help, but how can she get through to him? Slash’s bullets destroyed so much more than nerves and muscle control. Is there any hope for their future together?
Slash is due to be released from prison, and Candy and Jose know he will have new plans for revenge. The question is, who will he target first, and how can they stop him? Will Champagne help them catch him, or is her cooperation more pretense leading to another betrayal?

Experience the exciting conclusion to The Broken Series trilogy, where each beloved character must choose anger or forgiveness, fear or hope.

“Kimberly Rae is by far my favorite author. She keeps me on the edge of my seat, taps into my emotions, and makes me think more honestly and deeply about my faith.” – Alice




Sample Chapter from Restored:

  “I need your help. It’s an emergency!”
Brenda had a fingernail between her teeth before she realized she’d lifted her hand. She spoke into the phone. “Candy, what happened? Should I call the police?”
“No, just get down here.”
“Where are you?”
“I’m hiding in the bathroom downstairs.”
Brenda sent a pleading look down the aisle where Stewart reviewed the wedding ceremony with Florence and Doug. Florence giggled at something Doug said and her cheeks jiggled. Her seventy-six-year-old fiancé grinned as if she was the most adorable thing he had ever seen.
Stewart saw her at the back of the aisle near the stairs and sent her a wink. She motioned frantically to herself and then down the stairs. Whatever was down there putting such panic in Candy’s voice, Brenda did not want to face it, or him, or them, alone.
“Are you coming?” Candy said through the phone. “Hurry!”
Brenda rushed down the stairs and flattened herself against the wall leading to the basement hallway. She peered around the corner. No one was in sight. “Who are you hiding from?” she whispered.
“Everybody,” came the baffling reply.
“Are you sure I shouldn’t call for help?” Brenda knew Slash wasn’t scheduled to get out of jail for another two weeks, but maybe he escaped somehow.
“I don’t need any police.”
Brenda heard the creek of a door opening and once again peeked around the corner to look down the hallway. Candy leaned her head out of the bathroom doorway and waved Brenda toward her.
Brenda scanned the hallway one more time before hurrying down it, past the green room with Bible verses nailed to the walls, then the Sunday school rooms, office, and nursery. She arrived at the bathroom gasping for air. “Candy, what is it? What do I need to do?”
Candy swung the door wide and Brenda gulped down another gasp. She put a hand to her mouth and mumbled behind it, “What in the world?”
“Florence actually paid someone to make this.” Candy ran her hands down the bridesmaid dress of bright yellow polyester, nearly every inch covered in dyed yellow tulle. Her sleeves puffed at the shoulders, a large bow covered the front of the high waistline, and the A-line skirt draped down to her calves. Yellow shoes brought the matching color all the way to her toes, and atop her head sat a massive yellow hat lined with a tulle bow and silk sunflowers.
“What am I going to do?” Candy asked miserably.
“This is the emergency?” Brenda put her hand against the wall and caught her breath. “You scared me half to death!”
“Brenda, are you okay?” Stewart came running down the hallway. “Is it the baby?”
She instinctively put a hand to her rounded belly. “No, we’re both fine. I thought Candy was in danger.” She darted a reproving glance Candy’s way. “But she’s just having a fashion emergency.”
“A fashion what?” Stewart pushed his glasses up his nose. When Candy stepped out of the bathroom, his eyebrows shot up. “Oh, I see.”
The look on his face was laughable. Brenda put a hand on Candy’s shoulder but pulled it back away. “Oops, I just squished your sleeve.”
Candy flattened the other one. “Please, squish something. Tell me I can skip the wedding. Or let me wear a big yellow veil so no one will know it’s me.”
Brenda worked at fixing the sleeves. “Florence was so happy when she told me about this dress. She said she’d saved the pattern for over fifty years, from way back when she first dreamed of marrying Doug.”
Candy moaned. “Don’t tell me that. Now I can’t beg her to let me wear something else.” She pulled her skirt out to the sides. “If I were the nostalgic type, I’d say wearing an antique-looking, billowing tent of yellow was sweet, but I itch too much to feel sentimental about it. I’m a pale white woman with blond hair. Just look at me. I look hideous.”
“Not hideous,” Brenda said, searching for words. “Just really…yellow.”
“And frothy,” Stewart added.
“I’m a huge, walking doily.”
A laugh escaped before Stewart could clamp his lips shut. “Well, just think, after the wedding, you can take out the seams and make enough doilies and table runners for a whole house.”
“You’re scaring me, Preacher,” Candy said, but she smiled. She turned to Brenda. “Do you think I could at least conveniently lose the hat? Or accidentally drop it down a garbage chute?”
Now that her heart had calmed down, Brenda was able to smile as she tugged Candy down the hallway toward the stairs, Stewart leading the way.    “Let’s at least show Florence and see what she says.”
“She made an identical one for Jean,” Candy commented, “but I don’t know if Jean will leave the hospital long enough to come to the wedding. She’s practically lived there the last month and a half.”
Brenda forgot Candy’s outfit and Florence’s upcoming wedding for a moment, picturing instead a casket with Susan Meeks in it, Jean’s dress covered in Grant’s blood, and Grant now in a wheelchair, struggling to regain his body and his mind.
“I know.” She put her hand to her stomach again. “I worry about her.”  They were almost to the top of the stairs. Brenda spoke with hesitation. “Candy, are you scared about Slash getting released soon?”
Candy stopped in the stairwell. “His last plan got botched, so he’ll be more determined than ever to get revenge. He’ll have had sixty days to make a bigger and more destructive plan than last time. I keep giving my fear to the Lord, but yes, I’m scared.”
A bigger and more destructive plan? Brenda shivered.
“I’ve got verses about not fearing written all over the wall behind the coffee shop counter and upstairs where I live. I read them as loudly as I can at night when the dark thoughts attack.” She continued up the stairs and into the auditorium. “God’s Word is the only thing strong enough to battle evil. And He says His Word doesn’t go forth void. That’s why I–”
Florence noticed their arrival and squealed like a little girl getting a new doll. She came down the aisle, arms out toward Candy, her face beaming delight. “Oh, Candy, you look exactly as I always imagined my bridesmaids would look. And it’s the perfect shade, like a dress made of sunshine.” She patted Candy’s cheek with an age-spotted hand.    “Thank you, Candy. You’re a dear.”
She meandered back down the aisle to Doug, who took her hand and kissed it. Brenda sighed. “They’re so cute. I hope Stewart and I will be like that in fifty years.”
Candy’s shoulders dropped. “Is there something in the Bible that says you get extra rewards in heaven if you make a fool out of yourself for someone else?” she asked.
Brenda laughed again. How about, “Let all you do be done in love?”
“No. Got anything else?”
Stewart had kept out of the conversation, standing to the side. He smiled and put in, “Yes, the love chapter, first Corinthians thirteen.”
“It doesn’t say that love wears polyester.”
“I think it does.” He was grinning. “It says ‘love suffers long, and is kind.'”
“You got me there.” Candy scratched under one arm. “Wearing this through an entire wedding is going to be suffering long alright.”
“I’ve got an idea.” Brenda poofed a sleeve out, just for fun. “I dare you to come with me to the hospital in that dress. Bring Jean’s with you. That’ll get her mind off things for sure.”
Candy scowled at her for a full ten seconds, then finally smiled. “Okay, but only if she has to wear the hat, too.”
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