Stolen Woman

Stolen Woman – Amazon Bestseller, Award of Excellence, Christian Romantic Suspense on International Human Trafficking

Stolen Woman

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“…a combination of expert journalistic research and page-turning story-telling….I highly recommend this book!” -Kathi Macias, Award-Winning Author of 40 books, including the Freedom Series

“This is a book you can’t afford not to read.” -Susie Shellenberger, Creator Sisterhood Magazine, Author of 40+ books

“You’ll undoubtedly get caught up in the suspense, romance and battle between good and evil…” –Dawn H. Jewell, Author of Escaping the Devil’s Bedroom

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STOLEN WOMAN, Kimberly Rae’s breakout Christian suspense novel, is one of the first Christian fiction novels focused on human trafficking to hit the market.
“I looked and looked but could not find one book about trafficking overseas that ended with not just getting rescued from something bad, but to something good,” says author Kimberly Rae. “What I wanted most was to read a story that ended with true freedom and lasting hope. And as someone once said, if you can’t find the book you want to read, you must write it. So I did.”
After living overseas for many years, the author uses her experiences in Asia to backdrop the story of Stolen Woman, set in Kolkata, India. Stolen Woman’s main character, Asha, leaves her home in North Carolina, for a summer working with orphans in India. There she meets a 16-year-old trafficked girl who has been stolen from her home and forced into sexual slavery. Asha desperately wants to rescue this girl, but Mark, a 3rd-generation missionary and her boss for the summer, forbids her return to the dangerous area. Certain she is doing the right thing, Asha begins sneaking off the missionary compound to meet with her new friend and plan her escape. When the traffickers get suspicious and Asha’s young friend runs away, Asha sneaks out during the night to help, ignoring the fact that she, too, might become one of the stolen.
More than just an exciting story, Rae is using Stolen Woman as a way to connect caring readers with human trafficking ministries so they can help make a difference. A 2-page spread at the end of Rae’s book highlights Women At Risk International (, a non-profit ministry that has been rescuing women and children in foreign countries as well as in the U.S. since its inception in 2006. Many more trafficking rescue outreaches are linked on the book’s website,
“I didn’t want a story that was merely entertaining,” says Rae. “I want what I write to have a purpose. When my mom asked me what I would write about if I could write about anything, I knew exactly what the answer would be. That day I started working on Stolen Woman.”
Rae’s novel, book 1 in a series of 3, is available at, or readers can order an autographed copy through her website,
“People out there care about human trafficking and want to make a difference,” Rae concludes. “I pray my book will help them do that.”

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