Simone Biles, the #MeToo Movement, and Sexual Abuse: Why Didn’t They Just Say Something?

Simone Biles is the latest in over 140 women to claim abuse by gymnastics doctor Larry Nasser. You might have seen responses from both directions–some saying it’s great this is coming out and things are finally changing, others saying women are exploiting the “fad” to gain attention, etc. Over the past few years, I’ve learned […]

How to Prevent Trafficking Locally and In Our Own Homes

Trafficking isn’t just happening “over there” in third-world countries, and it isn’t just abductions of kids in bad settings. In fact, abductions only account for 11% of sex trafficking cases. A large majority, over 50% happened because the trafficker lured the victim with the promise of something they wanted or needed (a job, place to […]

Healing Women Hurting From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Dr. Sam Serio in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a counselor who specifically focuses on women who were victimized sexually in their past. His post to hurting women was so insightful, I asked if I could share it with you. He graciously agreed. Here are Dr. Sam’s words to women who still hurt, and those of us […]

Unhealthy Secrets, Bribes and Threats – Methods Predators Use to Keep Victims Silent

There are many reasons a victim may remain silent, but oftentimes it is because the predator is manipulating them emotionally, holding something over them such as shame (that they feed), or keeping them afraid with threats. Most sex offenders have never been convicted, making background checks a very incomplete protective tool. Groups screening potential volunteers […]

Josh Duggar and a Mommy’s Fear Part 2 – How to Broach the Topic of Sexual Abuse with Your Children

It is a terrifying statistic that 90% of childhood sexual abuse cases happen with someone the child knows.* Numbers like that, and stories like Josh Duggar molesting young girls, wipe away any security we might have had in assuming that we could protect our children as long as we keep them away from scary looking […]

Josh Duggar and a Mommy’s Fear – Are There Secret Predators In Our Churches?

If today’s latest about Josh Duggar has you scared, you’re not alone. (Josh Duggar gave a statement today about viewing pornography for years and having affairs while presenting himself as a moral, godly family man. This has come just weeks after his admittance to molesting young girls as a teen, including his sisters.) How are […]

Training to Prevent Childhood Sexual Abuse – Are We Overreacting?

When I first had kids, if someone told me I should talk with my children at an early age about good touch/bad touch, private parts, and rules about what to do if an adult crossed the boundaries into inappropriate behavior, I’d have probably shrunk away and thought that was over-the-top paranoid. I would protect and […]

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