Broken, Confused, but Holding On

I recently came across a small notebook I’d written in nearly ten years ago, and inside found words of struggle and of hope. If you live with chronic illness or any kind of suffering, I’m putting this here today so you can know you’re not alone, but also to give each of us the chance […]

How to Not Dread Holiday Events When You’ve Got a Stupid Chronic Illness

If you’re healthy, Thanksgiving is usually a vacation, a break from the usual work, time to play, time to indulge in some extra special food, time to be with those you love and maybe watch some football. For those of us with chronic illness, a holiday can be anything but a vacation. We have to […]

Hurting Alone

If you are hurting alone, I can only imagine the added burden that is to your life, and I feel a heavy grief for you. The best way I can offer hope is through a story of my little boy… *** My two-year-old little boy was having unexplained health problems. They were mostly digestive, and […]

Not Enough Faith? – When People Say Your Sickness if Your Fault

The man approached and sat next to me. “Can I ask you a question?” His tone was serious, his eyes intense. I had just finished speaking to his small group, talking mostly about human trafficking and how I came to be an author after leaving the mission field. Weaved through that story, however, was an […]

How Different Personalities Respond to Stress – Part 2

Let’s go deeper into the 4 personality types and how they respond to stress (see last week’s post for Part 1)… A Sanguine’s emotional needs are people related: attention, affection, approval and acceptance. They like to be optimistic and bubbly, and get depressed when life is not fun and no one seems to love them. Sanguine’s […]

CHRONIC ILLNESS – How Different Personalities Respond to Crisis

CHRONIC ILLNESS AND YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. Redd Rox How did you react when you found out you were officially unhealthy? Not unhealthy as in temporarily sick, but as in chronically I’ll-never-be-the-same, what-happened-to-my-life kind of unhealthy? People react to crisis in different […]

My Name is Kimberly and I have Addison’s Disease

Yesterday, someone I’ve known for awhile asked me what my health condition was. I often hear comments like, “I don’t mean to be nosy, but…” “Do you mind if I ask you…?” “I don’t want to be rude…” I don’t know about other people with health conditions, but I think such questions are great. I […]

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