Broken, Confused, but Holding On

I recently came across a small notebook I’d written in nearly ten years ago, and inside found words of struggle and of hope. If you live with chronic illness or any kind of suffering, I’m putting this here today so you can know you’re not alone, but also to give each of us the chance […]

Hurting Alone

If you are hurting alone, I can only imagine the added burden that is to your life, and I feel a heavy grief for you. The best way I can offer hope is through a story of my little boy… *** My two-year-old little boy was having unexplained health problems. They were mostly digestive, and […]

Christmas Wrapped in Pain

Two dear friends have faced devastating loss this week. How will they celebrate Christmas? They can’t sing about figgy pudding or laugh through old memories. Their memories now are laced with pain. How will they bear this season that is supposed to be merry and bright? Next week, seventeen people will be in my house. […]

Broken People

Broken People in a Broken World Some days feel like summer: it’s easy to feel the sunshine and see the flowers. Other days are winter: we see death and pain and bleakness and sorry, and the sunshine feels far away. We live in a broken world full of broken people. Just recently we have grieved […]

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