Trafficked and Forced to Recruit Another, but…

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – When Marisol (name changed) first made the long drive from Manila to the provincial town nearly 80 miles from her home, she thought she was on her way to a better life. The 17-year-old girl was going to be a domestic helper, a chance to make a living and gain independence […]

“Let’s go!” She was Rescued, then Returned to Rescue Others

When International Justice Mission (IJM) first met Sarika in the brothel, the teenage girl was afraid. It’s a common reaction for girls who have been trafficked; many have been threatened or beaten for trying to escape the brothel, or they’ve heard horror stories of girls who have. Sometimes the pimps and managers tell the girls […]

Free to be Grandparents – True Story of Rescue and Hope!

It did not take long for Venkatesh and Subbulu to realize that they were trapped in slavery. But when they did, it was too late. Exasperated by his powerlessness to help his family, Venkatesh said, “’till I die I have to live here like a captive.” Venkatesh and Subbulu He and his wife had taken […]

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