Is the Super Bowl Really the Largest Human Trafficking Event of the Year in the US?

Some claim the Super Bowl is the largest trafficking event of the year in America. Others say it’s hype. Who’s right? Here are some facts that may help: Enjoy the game!   To order those posters, or for other ways to get involved, see: How to Fight Human Trafficking in the US How to Fight Human […]

Chapter 3 — A Hero with a Secret

A story is only as good as its plot and its characters. Great characters, like real people, have many layers to them. Most people have secret fears, regrets, difficult memories, all of which contribute to who they are now, both their strengths and weaknesses. A great story won’t tell you, “This guy has a secret […]

Meagan Winston–A Heroine to Root for

When writing a novel, the main characters are as important as the story plot itself. Have you ever watched a movie or read a book where the plot was great, but the main characters were dull or predictable or didn’t have good chemistry? On the other hand, some stories may have a less than thrilling […]

New Suspense Novel!–It Starts with an Idea

Do authors sit down and write a book? Yes and no. For the next few weeks, I want to take you on a little journey to a book from idea to end result. My current romantic suspense novel is at 78,000 words. By the time this blog series is finished, I hope the book will […]

Free to be Grandparents – True Story of Rescue and Hope!

It did not take long for Venkatesh and Subbulu to realize that they were trapped in slavery. But when they did, it was too late. Exasperated by his powerlessness to help his family, Venkatesh said, “’till I die I have to live here like a captive.” Venkatesh and Subbulu He and his wife had taken […]

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