Simone Biles, the #MeToo Movement, and Sexual Abuse: Why Didn’t They Just Say Something?

Simone Biles is the latest in over 140 women to claim abuse by gymnastics doctor Larry Nasser. You might have seen responses from both directions–some saying it’s great this is coming out and things are finally changing, others saying women are exploiting the “fad” to gain attention, etc. Over the past few years, I’ve learned […]

How to Prevent Trafficking Locally and In Our Own Homes

Trafficking isn’t just happening “over there” in third-world countries, and it isn’t just abductions of kids in bad settings. In fact, abductions only account for 11% of sex trafficking cases. A large majority, over 50% happened because the trafficker lured the victim with the promise of something they wanted or needed (a job, place to […]

Why Christians Should Fight Human Trafficking More Than Anyone

The Bible offers plenty of reasons why God’s people should fight to end slavery, deliver the captives, and give comfort to the oppressed. I mentioned several verses in my last post, Why Doesn’t God Stop Human Trafficking? So we should care about fighting trafficking because God cares. But there’s one more reason we should care, and that’s […]

Why Doesn’t God Stop Human Trafficking?

I was sitting at my book table after speaking at an event when the woman broached the question: If God is good and loves people, why doesn’t He come down and stop this evil? Indeed, why doesn’t God stop human trafficking? Why doesn’t He rescue afflicted women, keep children from being exploited, stop pimps and […]

An Open Letter to Julia Roberts on Pretty Woman Inspiring Girls to become Prostitutes

Dear Julia, Today is the 25th anniversary of the Disney movie Pretty Woman. Tomorrow, you’ll be celebrating on the Today show, along with the other stars who helped make the movie successful. In the photo I saw promoting the event, you were smiling, and no wonder. Pretty Woman catapulted you to stardom, or as one TV […]

To the Man on the Other Side of the Screen

Dear Man on the Other Side of the Screen, I don’t know who you are, what you do, your marital status or if you are a parent. What I do know is that I am a human, a real person. I am someone’s daughter, a student and lady, but most of all, I KNOW I […]

Disney Princesses and Exploitation – Jasmine

This week I want to go over some of the favorite Disney princess movies and take a look at the messages in them in regard to whether they help or hurt the ongoing fight against human exploitation.   Movie Title: Aladdin Does this movie inspire girls to be stronger or more vulnerable? Vulnerable The story in a […]

Questions to Ask a Potential Trafficking Victim

A friend on my Facebook page mentioned seeing an add in Chicago that said  “you may be the first person they see, ask the right questions.”  It was sponsored by a group against human trafficking. Great ad, but not enough, because this friend then proceeded to ask me, “So what are the right questions?”  It […]

My Visit to Rahab’s Rope

Rahab’s Rope A week ago, I got to travel to Rahab’s Rope’s new store in Gainesville, Georgia. They rescue women and children in India, and sell wonderful products in their store and through home parties to fund their work. Going to the store was great! Here are some pictures so you can come for a […]

Exploitation – When There’s Nothing to Say (Lily Pad Haven 2)

Since I was a  very little girl, I was taught all of the answers to life. They were comforting. They were profound. They were simple. My mother would sing them to me when I was too young to sing them to myself, and eventually I would learn to sing this life-giving truth at the top […]

“Sometimes…I’d Rather Just Go Back to My Pimp” – Guest Post by Lily Pad Haven

“Sometimes I just think I’d rather just go back to my pimp…” My jaw dropped. How could you say that? Look what he did to you? Look what he turned your life into? She didn’t stop, “I mean I got things from him, at least he was there for me. Yeah maybe he only listened […]

Trafficked and Forced to Recruit Another, but…

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – When Marisol (name changed) first made the long drive from Manila to the provincial town nearly 80 miles from her home, she thought she was on her way to a better life. The 17-year-old girl was going to be a domestic helper, a chance to make a living and gain independence […]

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