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Brian and Kimberly Thigpen met at their mission board, heading to two different continents. Brian earned his Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language so he could serve in areas not open to traditional missionaries. Kimberly taught children and did writing projects in Bangladesh, then served in an AIDS orphan project in Uganda. Together, they served a short time in Kosovo before moving to Indonesia, where Brian taught in a university. They planned to stay long term, but Kimberly’s Addison’s disease and other health problems brought them back to the US.

The past eight years Brian has taught mathematics in a public high school and actively served in their church. Kim began writing books and training on fighting human trafficking. She has been published over 200 times and authored over 20 books. She recently had brain surgery and is currently recovering.

Brian and Kim, along with their two children, have been praying for God to open the door to return to full-time ministry, and are excited about joining Source of Light. For Kimberly, a ministry that is centered around the written word is a dream come true. Brian will be using his gift for numbers in the finance department, his problem-solving skills assessing and improving efficiency in publications, and his experience with international partnerships with the many international branches at SLM. As Kimberly says, “Our heart for missions never left, but we didn’t think it would ever be a possibility for us again. We are thrilled to become part of a ministry that is reaching people for Christ every single day.”

Would you like to partner with Brian and Kimberly, using words to reach the world? Contact Brian at email below for options or go to Thigpens at SLI to join their team or give a one-time gift by credit card.

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