Ways Christians Can Fight Human Trafficking Internationally

“Fighting human trafficking is not idealistic or naive.

It is audacious. And it is people of audacity who change the world.” – Rob Morris


You care, and want to make a difference, but perhaps you just don’t know where to start. How do you turn your heart for the hurting into tangible help in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation?

There are 3 ways to fight human trafficking:

  1. Rescue
  2. Awareness
  3. Prevention

INDIA_-_NUOVI_SCHIAVI_(f)_0202_-_Novena_+_GraciasToday we’ll focus on how to be part of rescuing trafficking victims around the world. Thailand is the sexual playground of the world. Cambodia is notorious for its child sex slaves. In Amsterdam, they force victims to stand in storefront windows, displaying themselves for sale. India is home to over half of the slaves in the world, including sexual slavery and child slave labor.

But you live far away from all those places. How can you help? I’ll list specific sites farther below, but for starters, you can:

  1. Pray. You could choose to get on the mailing list of one or two of the ministries below and commit to pray for those fighting evil around the world.
  2. Go. Many of the groups listed below have programs you can join for a summer or short term, or even long term.
  3. Raise Awareness. You could host a jewelry party, selling items made by rescued women, or print out my handouts and do a session at your church or school. You could help a student research for a school project, or get books on the topic stocked in your local library or church library. You could show the documentary Nefarious in your church (be warned, it is worse than heartrending, but does have a strong Gospel message of hope at the end).
  4. Give. The Bible says if you sell what you have and give to the poor, you will have treasure in heaven. Have a yard sale and donate the proceeds to one of the ministries below. Start saving a portion of your income every month to give, or have a bake drive at a church event. There are so many ways to give, it would be impossible to list them all. What comes to mind?

Here is a list of my favorite ministries fighting trafficking globally and also sharing the Good News (minus one I can’t list for security reasons):

  1. International Justice Mission – they have the most amazing stories of rescuing scores of people from the brPicture1ick kilns or brothels.
  2. Rahab’s Rope – they focus on the brothels of India, rescuing women and the children growing up there. They have products for sale made by rescued women – you can order online or host your own party.
  3. Gospel for Asia – their Bridge of Hope program helps at-risk children, the “untouchables” considered worthless in their society. They have helped over 60,000 children get food, education, and the hope that comes from hearing they are loved. (My books Someday Dreams and The Street King are based on this program. The Street King is based on one of their true stories.)
  4. Punjammies – you can buy pj pants made from Indian saris, worked on by multiple rescued women who now have the dignity of earning their own “clean” money.
  5. Women At Risk International – each year they take women from around America on a Circle Tour, where they get to experience the work firsthand.

If you want materials to raise awareness, you can print out the handouts on my site, or go to the Polaris Project site for all kind of information and statistics, or watch the documentary Nefarious.

I’d say this is enough to get you going! Next week we’ll talk about how you can fight trafficking here in the US, and then how you can prevent it locally, down to your own church, school, and home.



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