When I’m With Jesus

When I’m With Jesus
For any Child with a Loved One in Heaven


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Children wonder about Heaven, especially when someone they love goes there. They have questions they are often afraid to ask to grieving adults. When I’m With Jesus is created to minister to young children and older children, with large text for young readers or as a read-to book, and smaller text for older readers. Beautifully illustrated, When I’m With Jesus is a book that helps children see a loved one’s transition to Heaven as a joyful thing, and know they are still loved, even when that person is no longer near.
Beautifully illustrated, When I’m With Jesus helps children see a loved one’s transition to Heaven as a joyful thing. It comforts children with a tangible reminder that they have not been forgotten and are still loved.

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about When I’m With Jesus:

What a beautifully written book! Even though this book is meant for children, I found myself comforted by it as well. I appreciated how Kimberly Rae (the author) wove the truths of scripture into the text. There is a balance between sharing how wonderful Heaven is and acknowledging the grief that comes with loss. The paintings are beautiful and the colors the illustrator used convey a sense of hope. I believe this book will give children the words needed to identify their feelings/emotions in the midst of loss while also giving them comfort.

-Amazon Review

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My children were two and five years old when I was diagnosed with cancer. Many inspiring books were given to me and a lot of biblical truth came my way, but almost all of it was written for adults. I remember walking through a room filled with books for cancer patients, searching for something to help my children process what was happening and finding only one coloring/activity book that was really designed for older children. My oncologist did have one book “When mama wore a hat” that was really helpful for the practical aspects of my treatment, but this didn’t touch the deeper fears that death could separate me from my precious children. Kimberly’s new book “When I’m with Jesus” does face death head on….with grace, hope, love, and truth.

Now, I am so blessed to be cancer-free, and reading this book brings back many of the emotions of that time. It gives a beautiful voice to the truths I would want to impart to my children but couldn’t express so clearly or eloquently. It is a picture of the hope of heaven. The message has a solid theology that offers security in the things we know as believers about heaven, while still leaving space for the many surprises that await us.

You don’t ever WANT to deal with this subject with your kids, but if you are searching for something to help you teach and comfort young children in a close loss, this book can start the conversation.

One last note: I love the 2 reading levels of the book! Not only would that be so helpful for reading to multiple children at different ages, but also for a single child who will process (and re-process) grief differently as they reach each developmental stage. So, the fantastic format of this book would open up new levels of understanding & encouragement to children as they grow and mature.

Carmen, Amazon Review

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I read this book and by the end of it, I had tears in my eyes! How wonderful for the author to not only think of her children and how they may feel should she leave for Heaven, but to know that other children out there will have questions, hurt and angry feelings, and total confusion concerning the death of a loved one! This is a must for any child that experiences the loss of a parent/grandparent/sibling. Love it!

-Mary, Amazon Review

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When I’m With Jesus is also available for Kindle on amazon.com.

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